How to get rid of this 5 bad habits and become successful in life

Every person in this world wants to be rich. Everyone wants that they have a big house, big car, a lot of money and once a year they go on a trip abroad with their family, but only a select few can achieve these things. Even if we make great efforts, not everyone can be successful.

Do you know why this happens? Because there are some values ​​inside us which are very big obstacles for us to achieve our goals. Can we move forward.

 Fear, pessimism, laziness, bad habits and arrogance.

These five habits are the biggest enemy of person, which prevents us from moving forward.

1.   To overcome fear

                  There is no person in the world who is not afraid of failing. There is no successful person who has never failed in life. Every successful person sees many failures in life. To do any work in life, Don’t be afraid to fail because failure is the first step to success.Some are so afraid of failing in life that they do not try again and there are some people who keep trying despite repeated failure and one day success only kisses their steps. So whenever we fail in life, then we should analyze that failure and see what was left of us in that and should take inspiration from it and try again.

Everyone feels the fear of failure but the important thing is how do we face that fear and this is what determines your success or failure. Most people lose because they play not to win but to avoid defeat. People are so nervous about losing that they lose. Victory means not being afraid of defeat. Most people do not win because the fear of failure in them is more than the happiness of being successful.

                  When we used to learn cycling in childhood, we used to fall again and again, then we would never be able to teach a bicycle if we had to stop learning the cycle fearing to fall. Failure motivates the winners and destroys the apocalyptic spirits. We can never succeed by staying in the comfort zone, for that the comfort zone has to be broken. And this can be broken only when we are ready to face the fear of the upcoming selections.

2.   Overcoming Pessimism

                   We had heard a story of a small chicken in childhood, in which he kept screaming warning of destruction that the sky is going to fall – the sky is about to fall. We know many people according to whom the sky is always falling. Meaning that every person is a small rooster who has many reasons for not doing any big work. Those who do not believe in themselves that they will be able to.

Every person who is pessimistic is actually a small cock. When doubt and rate dominate our thoughts, then we all become like little chicken. We all have doubts in our mind as if I am not smart enough. Not enough to work. Others are better than me. Our doubts are what make us inactive. What do we do and what will people say?

                When our friends or relatives also hear that we are going to do something new, they are the ones who remind us of our shortcomings and say that why do you think that you will be able to do this, if it was such a great idea then till date Why the other one did not. These arrows of doubt are so deep that we start to doubt on ourselves so much that they do not even start working. We are so engrossed in our hearts that we never even think about that idea again.

Therefore, we keep up with safe things and do not have courage, as a result of which opportunity passes from us and we are unable to do anything. All of us have felt this at some time in our life, some have done more than others.

                “Pessimists never win.” “Man becomes pessimistic due to uncontrolled doubt and fear.” “Pessimists criticize, while winners analyze.” Criticism closes the eyes, while analysis opens them. The analysis allows the winners to see that the critics are blind. Because of this, they also see those opportunities which are not visible to anyone else. And the ability to see opportunities that other people cannot see is the key to all kinds of success.

3.   To overcome laziness

                Some people are so busy that they do not even care about family or health. They know that if they do not give time to the family, then it is wrong and if they do not go to the gym to exercise, then their health may deteriorate. They are busy and they want to stay busy because they want to avoid something they do not want to face.

                If they are not busy in jobs or children, then they spend their time watching TV or mobile, talking on the phone or shopping. But deep down in the heart they know that they are avoiding facing anything important. And this is the most common form of laziness which is called laziness by staying busy. So what is the cure for this laziness – a little greed, that is, a desire to make life better than before.

                Like if we ever think that I have to buy a big car and that too without any loan, it is already in our mind that I cannot buy it. But, instead of “I cannot buy it”, we think ” How can i buy it “

                “I can’t buy it,” also brings sorrow and helplessness, which can lead to disappointment and often depression. “How can I buy it?” This opens the door to possibilities, adventures and dreams. And our mind starts searching for new ways for this. All the people have a desire to buy a good car and a big house, but without any effort they believe that I cannot find it, I cannot buy it. can.

                Without this little greed, the desire to get something better cannot progress. Progress in our world is only because we wish for a better life. New inventions are made only because we desire something better. We go to school and study hard because we want something better.So whenever you see yourself avoiding something that you think you should do, ask yourself the same question, “What’s in it for me?” Be a little greedy. This is the best treatment for laziness.

4.   To overcome bad habits

                Our habits have more impact on our life than our education. Once and some of my friends went to see John Abraham’s film Satyamev Jayate. After watching the film, a friend said that I want a body like John, most of the friends supported this. A friend said, I heard that he used to be very thin at first, then another friend said that I had also heard and I have heard about his habit that he goes to the gym every day.

                Then a pessimistic friend of the group said not to bet that he must have been born in this way. Also, leave John talking, let’s drink some beer. This is an example of how Ade controls our behavior.

                Most of us make the payment of their bill first and save it or save it later. And this is our worst habit that keeps us behind in terms of money. Whenever money comes to us in the form of salary or in any form, then first of all we have to give some part of it to ourselves to buy property. Should be whatever happens. If you do this, then you have money left over to pay the bills or perhaps there is nothing left, it is because of this that your creditors get annoyed due to not getting their money on time and they shout at you, due to which You are under pressure and because of this pressure you are forced to think of new ways to earn money.

                So it is the fear of other creditors that motivates us to find new ways to earn money. If you give money first, then you become stronger financially and mentally.

                “And if we give or do not give ourselves money in the end, then we become more vulnerable. That is why the boss, manager, tax collector, bill collector and landlord will keep on stumbling us from here and there, just because we do not have good money habits.

5.   crossing the ego

                “We make money because of what we know. Because of what we do not know, we lose money. Whenever we have arrogance, we lose money. This is because when we are egoistic, we truly believe that what we do not know is not important. ” I have found that many people use ego in an attempt to hide their ignorance. I have often seen this happen when discussing financial statements with accountants or other investors.

                He tries to prove his point right in the discussion by boasting. I understand that they have no knowledge about the issue they are talking about. They are not telling lies, but they are not telling the truth either. There are many people in the world of money, finance and investment who have no idea what they are saying. Most of the people in the money industry, like second-hand car salesmen, are talking rote jokes.

                When you know that you are ignorant in a subject, you should start increasing your knowledge by searching for an expert in that field or a book on that subject.

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